Research Study Project

Contact Name: Christian (Scannell) Williams 
Email: [email protected]
School: Assumption University 
IRB#: 2022-14
Participation Close Date: 8/31/22

The purpose of this research is to explore the future of addiction recovery and the influence of Covid-19 on how individuals accessed and experienced recovery activities. This research seeks to explore the benefits and challenges faced by individuals with SUD around engagement in recovery based activities during COVID-19. Individuals who identify as having an SUD and who have accessed recovery-based support, services, or activities during Covid-19 are asked to complete an anonymous survey about their experiences accessing these recovery activities as well as their perspectives on any benefits or challenges they experienced. This research will also allow for an understanding of what individuals with SUD perceived as the benefits and challenges to accessing treatment and resources during Covid-19 thereby guiding the future of addiction recovery to be designed optimally to address these needs.

If participants choose to provide their information, they will be entered to win a $25.00 Amazon gift card (only 5 available). 

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