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NOHS 2022 Virtual Symposium:
Schedule Details

October 19 - 21, 2022
10 AM to 5PM (EST)
hosted on Zoom platform

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**Schedule is Subject to Change**

October 19th | Day 1

10:00 AM - 10:30 AM

Opening Remarks with Steve Kashdan

10:45 AM

Session 1A: Human Trafficking with Catie Hart [tentative]

  • Our presentation will be unique because we are both survivors of trafficking with quite a few years working in the survivor community once we found freedom. We like to focus on the entire picture as anti-trafficking tends to only focus on people who may be or have been trafficked, but usually forgets to ask “Why do people grow up to be traffickers?”.
  • We support our audience in seeing this is a human issue, not just an issue for little girls who are vulnerable to bad things. And, we are proof that healing is possible. That leading fulfilling successful lives after trafficking is possible.

Session 1B: Open

12:45 AM

Session 2A: Role of Faculty in Student Mental Health with Sarah Lipson

2:00 PM

Focus on Journal of HUS

3:30 PM

Roundtable with Kasie
Session 3A: Open
Session 3B: Open

5:00 PM

Q&A with NOHS Leadership

October 20th | Day 2

9 AM - 1 PM

Regional Day 

9:00 AM

Regional Agenda's TBD

1:00 PM

Sponsor/Partner Time

2:00 PM

Session 4A: Peter Leidy 

Session 4B: Open

3:30 PM

Session 5A: Panel JHS

Session 5B: Open B Slot

5:00 PM

Q and A with Regional Leadership

October 21st | Day 3

10:00 AM

NOHS Annual Meeting

11:30 AM


12:45 PM

Session 6A: Compassionate Connection: Love in Action
Presented by Linda Chamberlain

  • This presentation explores how we develop, expand, and express compassion when working with others. It is designed for Human Services students, educators, researchers and practitioners at any point in the training or career.  
  • Synopsis: Compassion is an attitude toward and approach to others that we can learn and develop. By connecting through compassion, which is love in action, we help both others and ourselves. Being mindful and present, understanding how to confront others with compassion, and learning to look past the chaos to see hope for the person we're working with will be discussed. The presentation is based on chapters from Dr. Chamberlain's book, "Practicing Psychotherapy: Lessons on Helping Patients and Growing as a Professional".

Session 6B: Open

2:00 PM

Session 7A: Angela Marx (Neurodiversity)

Session 7B: Open

3:15 PM

Session 8A: Follow up to Angela with colleague

Session 8B: Open

4:30 PM

Wrap up


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