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 Get to know Erik: 

"I am originally from Northeast Ohio but have called Phoenix, Arizona home for the last 7 years. I love the desert- even our hot summers of 115+ degrees! I live with my two hairless cats, Xuxu & Bruce. I’m an avid Audiobook listener. Currently, I’m listening to Dean Koontz’ novella, Ricochet Joe. My favorite book is Koontz’ as well: Strangers. My “escapes” are horror movies and British crime series.

I am a Board Certified Human Service Professional. For many years I worked for a small nonprofit AIDS Service Organization where I “grew up” in the human services. I started as a volunteer and eventually became Director of Client Services. (I have to admit though, my first experience in the helping professions was as a candy striper at the local pediatric hospital when I was a teenager.)

I graduated from Kent State University with a BA in psychology and sociology. I earned my master’s degree from Case Western Reserve University. I completed my doctorate in human services at Capella University. I’m currently enrolled in a graduate certificate program in criminal justice from Walden University.

I’ve been an online instructor for over 10 years. I absolutely love my job. I’m grateful every day for the chance to teach students about the field in which I’ve spent my entire career. I have various academic interests. Burnout prevention, volunteerism, and veterinary social work are just a few."

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